Incredible but true...

Unique manufacture

Larch wood of 20 cm and up provides the best shielding against electrical/electromagnetic radiation. Wireless equipment works though.

Pleasant, comfortable indoor climate
An experiment at the Fraunhofer Institut has shown that at a room temperature of 21°C the surface of a 24 cm wide Holzplus wood construction element has a temperature of 20.1°C – while being exposed to an ambient temperature of 1.1°C.

Perfect fire protection
The overall construction is gas- and smoke-tight – with this kind of construction, burn-through is impossible. Expertises therefore are available.

Structural strength tests
At the Otto-Graf-Institut of the Stuttgart University, several strength tests were performed on Holzplus wood. The result was that even the maximum test load of 500,000 kg the testing equipment could achieve was unable to crack the wall elements.