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Booking available from one night up1

Every guest receives our Baumgeflüster de luxe convenience package. It includes a full set of linens with oversize inlays, bed linens of Egyptian cotton and cosy, soft topper on the high-quality 7-zone cold-form mattress.

The rates quoted below include VAT; 2.30 Euros visitor’s tax are added per day and person in 2019.
Please pay visitor’s tax in cash on arrival.

Rates 2019

four-night stays and up - for one or two persons in a suite²
nov.- march:   218,- Euros per night; Monday - Friday

april - oct.:     238.- Euros per night; Monday -  Friday

two-night stays and up - for one or two two persons in a suite²
nov. - march:  218.- Euros per night; Monday - Friday
                        258.- Euros per night; Friday - Monday1

april - oct.:     258,- Euros per night - every night

one-night stays - for one or two two persons in a suite²
                        318.- Euros per night; Monday - Friday

Other rates on request

On weekends (Friday to Sunday), please book two nights.
For a third and fourth person up to 15 years we charge 55 Euros per night and person. From 16 years up it is 75 Euros per night. The living-room provides couch beds and we also offer bed linens of Egyptian cotton, but in standard sizes. During school holidays, four persons per tree house suite are only accepted for two-night stays and up.
Remember to book our wonderful Baumgeflüster breakfast – homemade, prepared freshly and brought to you in a picnic basket: excellent coffee and farm-fresh milk, home-baked, warm 3-grain curd bread rolls, wholemeal brown bread, homemade jam of the season (sometimes also marzipan jam), country cheese, cold-smoked beef sausage- and of course orange-juice. 13,50 EUR per adult and 2,50 EUR per person including bring and take service.