Bliss in the magic of the moment

The moment you enter our houses for the first time will be a special one for you – promised! The tree houses are ideally suited for allergic persons. Why? Here is the answer:

We have used 100% larch wood for the tree houses – supplied by the Austrian company Holzplus who has specialized in solid wood building elements. This is a new kind of solid wood construction.

Holzplus elements are among the most efficient and powerful building materials and are subject to strict supervision with respect to the “Ü” sign and their gluing. They are multi-layered and exclusively made of solid wood – with formaldehyde free PU glue. The special structure of these wood elements guarantees precisely defined protection regarding construction physics, fire proofness and mechanics.

The wood is break-proof, fire-proof, radiation-proof and guaranteed pure highest-grade larch wood. It contains no toxins, is open to diffusion, UV-resistant, waterproof, dimensionally stable, made of multiple layers of single sheets, and provides solid sound protection through solid design.