Gift Coupons

Give away peace & time. Make somebody the gift of a view at the stars in a clear night – just for the two of you – right from your bed! Give away the extraordinary. A look at grazing deer from several meters height out of your tree house suite or at squirrels climbing up trees. Make the gift of time for feeding birds. Give away precious memories, unforgettable and forging a true bond.

 "To be for one day entirely at leisure is to be for one day an immortal"
Chinese proverb

You can order Baumgeflüster gift coupons via e-mail under info@hiddentreehouse.de You can of course also give away “value cheques” to a certain amount which can then be topped up by the persons receiving them according to their wishes. We will send you your coupon – in a plain and “innocent“ envelope so that the receiver who may live in the same house will not notice the surprise prematurely.

Redemption of coupons is by mutual agreement.