With our thoughts, we are shaping the world


If you are especially interested in a course or seminar, please send us an e-mail. We will pencil you in and will gladly inform you if there are offers.

  • Ceramics seminar with Belinda Berger: www.belindaberger.de
  • Tree seminar
  • “Just talk English” days for young people
  • Master courses photography
  • Cooking is fun – in preparation  

For your heart and soul, cooking together is possible in an external kitchen found on the premises of the resort. A nice personal event for little celebrations of all kinds or just to write “WE” in capitals again.

A medical sector is in preparation

We are especially aiming at patients with adipositas, tinnitus or burn-out.


A weatherproof convention room for up to 20 persons on the premises is in preparation. Small groups can also meet in a tree house. Brainstorming in relaxed atmosphere lets your mind flow freely and helps you to drive things into completely new directions. In the immediate vicinity is a high-rope climbing forest and an archery range which might fit into your training. A low-rope garden with a few elements can be established in the resort on request.

Equipment: Flipchart, canvas and beamer can be supplied on request

Prices: on request