Somewhere in the nowhere an
enchanted forest.

Departures New York:  One of the "Top Ten Treehouse Resorts of the world".

Welcome to the Resort Baumgeflüster
- The hidden treehouse resort - Glamping with upgrade. A Luxus- Treehotel.

At a special Glamping spot in Germany Originality and Nature connect with 5 elements:
Romanticism, elegance, uniqueness, style and design – thereby creating a place for your spirit, a Hideaway Resort. A tree house hotel of a different dimension.

Moments for whispering: In spring a fawn with its mother – under the tree houses nearly every day. In July Europe’s smallest bird, the rare kinglet: it builds its nest and breeds directly under the tree house. In autumn a fox comes strolling by. We are looking forward to winter…
Whispering with the Top Ten treehouse resorts of the world: www.departures.com/slideshows/worlds-top-tree-house-hotels/8 and http://blog.tix.nl/reportages/overnachten-in-een-boomhut

Location of the Treehouse Suites: Bad Zwischenahn, Ammerland in Lower Saxony, Germany, about 40 mins. from the North Sea. A note to the Press: The WAZ Reisejournal counts the Treehouse Hotel among the 40 most attractive new hotels in Germany - the resort was published in magazines in Switzerland, Moskau, Spain and more!Now shown - besides other channels - at TV "The treehouse masters" or "the baumhausprofis" at DMAX with Pete Nelson.